Pet Adoption

The Rescue's Role

The role of a rescue is to partner alongside shelters to help relieve some of their intake of stray and surrendered pets. Once our rescue accepts a pet, it is our responsibility to provide for all of their necessary care prior to adoption. These costs are paid for with adoption fees, fundraisers, grants and donations. Rescues, such as ours, are fueled by tireless, and dedicated fosters and volunteers.

The Adoption Process

The adoption process involves an initial contact via email to answer some basic questions to confirm the pet may be a suitable match. Next, a meet and greet is scheduled between the pet and the potential adopter. In most cases, this occurs at our Petsmart designated store, however can be arranged in the adopter's home. The potential adopter will be interviewed and an application and contract will be provided. If approved, the pet may go home on the same day. If there are other dogs in the home, the rescue coordinator may ask to supervise the interaction between the two, prior to final approval. Finally, payment is made and the records and pet are provided to the adopter. Each pet is provided with a vet examination, age appropriate vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery and microchip prior to completion of adoption.

The Adopter's Responsibility

The adopter will be provided with an adoption folder that contains all of the pet records, their microchip information and a checklist of items to remember. It is extremely important that the pet's microchip be registered immediately in the event they become lost or stolen. We also recommend to schedule a vet exam with your own vet and schedule any other recommended services. 

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