Our adoption process is as follows:

  • Send us an email with your answers to the interview questions below. Our President will review them and ask you any follow up questions.

  • If it is a good match, you will proceed to the next step which is to schedule a meet and greet. We do this at your home.

  • Only applicants that reside within 1 hour of Tampa will be considered.

  • During your meet and greet you can ask any questions you may have and interact with the pet. 

  • Volunteer may ask additional questions during the meet and greet.

  • During the meet and greet we are looking for the interaction with current pets and family members.

  • Complete adoption application and sign adoption contract

  • Pay adoption fee

  • If the dog is ready to go home or approved for foster to adopt, you may take it home same day. 

  • If the dog is waiting for vet care or not approved for foster to adopt, you must wait until they are ready. 

  • All pet records are provided during adoption 

  • This process is done on a first come first serve basis. 

  • Do not call the rescue. We are very busy. 




If you are interested in meeting one of our available pets, please copy and paste the interview questions below and send us an email with your answers. Normally we do this in person but we are trying to reduce face to face interaction time. Please do not ask for a meet and greet unless all members of the family are ready to commit to the lifelong care of a pet. 


Once we receive your email we will review the answers to determine if it is a good fit for the particular dog you are applying for. If so, we will send you a reply email to set up a home visit to complete the adoption.  


 Send to: fureveryourspetrescue@outlook.com Feel free to attach photo's of the yard, home, family or anything else to help us make our decision. We are doing our best to match the pet's temperament, and energy level to the prospective home. Your application may not be approved if we feel it is not a good match for that particular dog but you may feel free to re-apply for another. 

  • Name of Pet you are interested in meeting 

  • Are you located in Tampa? 

  • If the dog is not yet ready for adoption would you consider fostering?

  • Your contact phone number

  • Please list ages of household members (some dogs are good with children, men, etc and some are not)

  • Can you paint a picture of a typical day at home and how the pet will be incorporated? 

  • Would you say your home is active, calm or moderate?

  • Are there smokers in the home?

  • Do you have other pets in the home?

  • What kind of personality are you looking for in a dog?

  • Do you have a home with a fenced yard? 

  • Are there any apartment or HOA restrictions on size/breed of pet?

  • How long on a normal work day would the pet be left alone?

  • What is your plan if you can no longer care for your pet?

  • Do you have any questions for me?


Thank you,

Blanca Montayre, President

Furever Yours Pet Rescue