Pet Sitting

Love for our rescued pets does not stop with their adoption. In fact, we encourage our adopters to remain in contact with us so we can watch them blossom into their new lives. For this reason, our rescue offers pet sitting services for our adopters at a standard fee of $25/day for dogs and $15/day for cats. You can rest assured that your beloved pet will be well cared for by their foster parent in a home they are already familiar with to eliminate any stressful changes that kennel boarding can cause. During their stay they are not placed in cages and have access to large, fenced in yards to run and play along with snack time, nap time, and cuddle time. To schedule pet sitting, send email to


For those adopters that are not local, we ask that you try Rover pet sitting through the link below, and receive $25 off your first booking. Through this link only, Rover will donate $25 to the rescue to help save more lives!

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