Adoption Priority is as follows:


Current Volunteers & Previous Adopters-We already know you are a responsible pet owner so you are at the top of the list! Let us know which pet you are interested in and make an adoption appointment to pick them up.


Pre-approved adopters are next on the list-This means you filled out our application below, paid the processing fee, a volunteer interviewed you email/phone, and you were "pre-approved" and given an adoption appointment time. All you have to do is meet the pet, sign the contract, review the records, pay the fee and take them home. 


Walk-ins-(Sign-in sheet) Customers visiting the event, or even applied, but did not get an appointment are considered walk-ins and should sign-in and are considered 3rd priority. ​


Adoption Categories:​

  • Adoption Ready-which means you have discussed this with your family, you have pet supplies, you have the adoption fee at hand and you are ready to take the pet home as soon as the adoption appointment is scheduled.  (Fill out an application. Submit the $10 processing fee. Rescue will contact you via email and set up an appointment. Appointments will be either at our home base Petsmart or a home visit. The foster make that decision based on the needs of that particular pet).  

  • Trial Run-I'm not sure what kind of temperament would suit our home and if my life is ready for a new pet. So I would like to do a 48 hour trial run. (The rescue provides the food and supplies). If there is a wait list for this pet, the rescue may not approve a trial run. 

  • Foster to Adopt-I would like to take my time to get to the know the pet and am willing to foster it until their spay/neuter appointment. (We only offer this if the pet is not yet spayed/neutered, if the potential adopter is local, and there is no wait list). Fostering is a 2 week commitment and the fosters always get first dibs and a discount, if they choose to adopt.